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Wings in the Night: Reborn

Wings in the Night: REBORN


Twilight-Guardians-finalTWILIGHT GUARDIANS
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A Wings in the Night: Reborn Novella
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Wings in the Night: Reborn
Book 2

Twilight-Vendetta-finalTWILIGHT VENDETTA
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Wings in the Night: Reborn
Book 3


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rhcloseupFBWELCOME to the World of Wings in the Night! I am the vampiress Rhiannon and this site is under my domain. I would like to tell you how I, and my stories, came to be. In 1991, before “paranormal romance” even existed, my authoress, Maggie Shayne wrote a vampire romance short story she called Twilight Phantasies and submitted it to several fiction magazines. One responded favorably, saying they loved the tale, but had a policy of only buying from their subscribers. So if she would kindly send them the hefty subscription fee, they’d be happy to make her an offer. Maggie was not yet a published author, but she was also not an idiot. (Had she been, I would not have chosen her to tell these tales I’ve been whispering into her brain for the past twenty years.)  So she decided to just keep working and the story grew into a novel. In 1992, she submitted it to Silhouette Books’ brand new line called Shadows, a line that was far ahead of its time. It was very well received, but the editor asked her to do some revising. An offer could not be made until she did, because she was so new. The revisions were mainly about cutting back heavily on a secondary character, my beloved Roland de Courtemanche, and keeping the focus on the book’s main couple, Eric Marquand and Tamara Dey. I had every intention of paying the editor a midnight visit for this insult, until she said, “Don’t cut Roland’s scenes. Save them for the sequel. He needs a book of his own.” It was in that moment that the Wings in the Night Series was born, even though the author didn’t realize it at the time. twilightphantasies150 Read the rest of this article






Wings in the Night 

1. Twilight Phantasies (1993, Shadows)
2. Twilight Memories (1994, Shadows)
3. Twilight Illusions (1995, Shadows)
4. Beyond Twilight (1995, Novella, Strangers in the Night, a Silhouette Anthology)
5. Born in Twilight (1997, Silhouette Single Title)
6. Twilight Vows (1998, Novella in Brides of the Night, Silhouette Intimate Moments 2-in-1) 7. Twilight Hunger (2002 & 2010, MIRA)
8. Embrace the Twilight (2003 MIRA)
9. Run from Twilight (2003, Novella in Two by Twilight, Silhouette Anthology)
10. Edge of Twilight (2004 & 2010 MIRA)
11. Blue Twilight (2005 & 2010 MIRA)
12. Before Blue Twilight (2005, Harlequin Online Read)
13. Prince of Twilight (2006 MIRA)
14. Demon’s Kiss (2007 MIRA)
15. Lover’s Bite (2008 MIRA)
16. Angel’s Pain (2008 MIRA)
17. Bloodline (2009 MIRA)
18. Twilight Prophecy (2011 MIRA)
19. Vampires in Paradise (2011 Novella, Vacation with a Vampire, Harlequin Nocturne)
20. Twilight Fulfilled (2011 MIRA)

Wings in the Night: Reborn

1. Twilight Guardians (2014 Thunderfoot)
2. Dead by Twilight (July 2015, Berkley anthology Edge of Darkness with Christine Feehan and Lori Herter
3. Twilight Vendetta (Aug 4th 2015)
4. The Rhiannon Chronicles (Halloween 2015)

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